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Montepulciano Filari 2021(CASE OF 6)

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Filari Montepulciano d'Abruzzo


It is ideal wine for full meal. Best with meat dishes as well as with cheese of medium ageing. Flavour medium bodied, soft and well-balanced.

Grapes: 100% Montepulciano.
Production Area: Loreto Aprutino, Città Sant’Angelo. This is an area which goes from the hills overlooking the Adriatic sea coast to the foot of the Gran Sasso d’Italia (2.910 m a.s.l.)
Alcholic fermentation: Skin contact in steel tanks for 15 days at a controlled temperature of 28°C.
Maturing/refining: In steel tanks.
Alcohol: 12,5%.
Bouquet: Strong and fruity with scents of red fruit and liquorice.
Serving Temperature: 18°C.



The family history is intertwined with that of Abruzzo's viticulture ever since.

With the passing of years and generations, passion and determination are never missed. The experience of the past has continued with family dedication. Ettore, has emphasized technological innovation, gaining both grape harvest and wine production. Coming from northern Italy, the Galasso family has settled in Abruzzo since the late 17th century. The patriarchal family has always worked in the production of extra virgin olive oil, fruit and grapes. From the1960s, the family has undergone a complete change in its organization by dividing the business into various sectors.

cantina galasso


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